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Green Hills Academy, Kigali, Rwanda


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The school is closed from 07 to 13 April for Genocide Memorial Week, but the main office will be open in the mornings from Friday, 08 April.

Headmaster's Welcome

Green Hills Academy is a family of schools linked by a common philosophy, mutually supporting, and working together. The motto, Towards Excellence, describes the aspirations of all.

The component parts of the Academy are interrelated. Beginning with the Nursery, each part prepares students academically, socially, physically and aesthetically. And, the education provided at each level readies the students for the program offered by the next school above. Finally, our senior secondary graduates are prepared for the best universities and colleges in Rwanda and throughout the world.

Our basic school programs are supported by two extra help programs designed to remedy any academic deficiencies in new students or in existing students who are at risk of doing poorly in reading, writing, mathematics or secondary science. The Early Intervention program begun in 2010 and provides intensive one to one help in reading at N2, N3, P1 and P2 levels. It uses a tried and tested method that has been successful across the world. Our Skills Program (begun in 2010) provides extra help in spoken and written English and French as well as reading and mathematics at the primary and middle school levels. At the Grades 9 and 10 levels this program aims mainly to bring students new to the school up to Green Hills standards.

Our instructional language is English, but Green Hills Academy provides a 50/50 French/English option from N1 to Grade 8 to enable francophone and other interested students to emerge fully bilingual in spoken and written modes. After Grade 8, these students may continue studying in a French First Language stream. German is taught in Grades 5 and 6 in the Primary School, and continues up to Grade 12 in the Secondary School. Green Hills Academy is proud to be a PASCH partner school, with support from the Goethe Institute which promotes the teaching of German, and to have an annual student exchange with a school Germany.

Rwandan studies form a central feature in the life of our school. Kinyarwanda is taught through Primary and Middle schools and we have very popular courses in traditional Rwandan drumming and dancing in our middle and secondary schools.

In the Secondary School, students are prepared for international exams by our highly qualified teachers who come from a wide range of countries. At the end of Grade 10, students sit for the Cambridge IGCSE exams, and at the end of Grade 12 they take the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. The IB is a challenging programme, but highly regarded by universities throughout the world. The IB has a strong educational vision, which we at Green Hills Academy share, and we are proud to be the only school in Rwanda offering it.

Ron Wallace, Headmaster


Notice for Parents of Children in the National Program

Most Rwandan students are about to reach the end of their school year. As an international school, the academic year at Green Hills Academy starts in August and finishes in late May. We would like to inform parents that students can be registered for the Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools now for a November start.

Parents who wish to enroll their children in Green Hills Academy after completion of the National Program school year are encouraged to do so right away. Students who pass our entrance test may directly join the current school year, so that they will be able to complete their next year in just two terms. This option exists for all students up to Grade 10,

Students who join Grade 10 (S4) after their O-levels, will start the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme in Grade 11, in August 2016, and complete their secondary schooling in May 2018. Green Hills Academy is the only school in Rwanda that offers the IB Diploma, which is accepted as a university entrance qualification throughout the world.

For more information visit our website or to make an appointment, please contact Happy Rugira, on +250 788566920, email:

Up-to-date Information

The school provides a snack at break time, and lunch on all days except Wednesdays. (Students who have paid for Day Boarding also receive lunch on Wednesday, an afternoon snack and dinner at 5.30pm.)
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Green Hills Academy is an International school but fees are competitive.
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Green Hills Academy wishes to acknowledge the support received from the on-line Agence de Promotion de FLE.

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