As a leader in educational opportunities in Rwanda, Green Hills Academy offers music instruction grades 1 – 12 as part of its enhanced, rigorous curriculum.  GHA Students learn to read music, perform music, and starting in P5 are able to begin instruction on a musical instrument.

Some other points:

– Green Hills in addition to grade level music classes offers opportunities in 7 performing ensembles:

Primary Choir, Secondary Choir, Beginning Strings, Traditional Drumming, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, and the GHA Top Band.

– Green Hills students are able to take advantage of an inventory of a wide range of band and orchestra instruments available for use in learning the important skill of music and ensemble musicianship.

– Some quotes:

“Learning an instrument helps in developing our brains and helps us multitask better” – Eunchan Kim G12

“Music builds problem solving skills and expression.  According to an article I read, top Fortune 500 companies prefer to hire employees with at least a few years of musical training because the music student’s ability to communicate ideas better to prospective clients.” – Kritika Manjotra G9

“Learning an instrument helps academically in many ways such as teaching discipline, perseverance, and sharpening one’s ability to concentrate and focus.” – Keyan Skelton G10

“Playing a musical instrument not only helps refine one’s time management and organizational skills, but as well boots team skills.  To make good music, one needs to listen to everybody else, and cooperate.” – Ian Rubimbura G8

“We are blessed that music is offered at Green Hills.  We have been put on a historical pedestal as we are part of the new change that is happening in Rwanda.” – Kevin Assimwe – G10

“One of my favorite aspects of the GHA Top Band tour was playing in front of huge crowds of people, getting ice cream in Huye, and the loud and crazy bus ride.  It was so much fun!” – Angel Mahoro – G10