A Message from a High School student

All Green Hills Academy students and staff members, together, form a tight knit community, with individuals advising and helping one another. It’s not a rare sight to find students conversing with teachers, and other school staff during break or lunch. It is also vibrant, with a variety of personalities and nationalities represented, and a number of activities to choose from.

Has your opinion ever been challenged? Welcome to the Theory of Knowledge class, which is part of the International Baccalaureate programme. With a wide variety of individuals and opinions, one must adapt and be open- minded to the new opinions. Your views and beliefs are constantly attacked, which teaches you to defend them and become reflective of your own and other’s opinions. Through various courses students are able to use their learning to solve real life experiences, preparing them to steadily integrate into the community once they graduate.

The Green Hills Academy meals are generally large and satisfying. The welcoming kitchen staff offers a vegetarian option, therefore all students are catered for. We have break and lunch, daily, except for Wednesday and Friday, where lessons go up to half day. Break consists of cookies, cake or mandazi, an African delicacy, with a cup of tea and juice. While lunch offers diverse platters including spaghetti bolognaise, accompanied by legumes and fruits.

Extracurricular activities include sports, cooking, music, Model United Nations and debate. Sports not only enhance competition and teamwork, it also aids students to deal with the daily stress of school assignments. The school band performs annually across Rwanda allowing students to nurture their performance skills. Model United Nations and debate allows students to intelligently and eloquently, argue and defend their perspectives. The two extracurricular activities produce international-minded individuals ready to discuss global issues.

Written by two Grade 12 students, Jesse and Raissa