Middle School

Middle School

In Middle School, we offer a balanced, holistic education based on the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum and best practices in international schools. We personalize learning to develop young learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. All learners take courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives or History/Geography in our 50/50 program, Health, Physical Education and Information Communication Technology. In addition, learners may choose among our electives, including Strings and Band, Kinyarwanda Traditional Dance, Visual Arts, Mandarin and German. Through our rich curriculum and engaging learning activities, learners acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them to be global citizens equipped to solve real-life problems. 

Middle School learners also have many opportunities to expand their learning beyond the classroom through extracurricular and experiential learning activities, sports and outdoor activities, which help them identify and develop their unique interests and talents. Learners also have opportunities to develop leadership skills by assuming leadership roles in Prefects and Student Council. 

Additionally, in Middle School we offer a French/English bilingual program also known as our 50/50 program. Learners in our French/English program develop academic skills and native proficiency in French and English. They study Mathematics, History/Geography in French and other subjects such as Science, ICT, Health, Physical education, Strings and Band in English.

Core Curriculum Areas

Other subjects offered are Visual Arts, Traditional Dance, Music/Band, Information Technology, Health and Physical Education, Kinyarwanda, German and Mandarin.