Green Hills Academy

On Monday, September 7, 2020, Green Hills Academy started the 2020/2021 school year with online learning. We deployed G Suite for Education to enhance distance learning, collaboration and communication. G Suite for Education includes Google Classroom, Assignments and Forms for teaching and learning; Google Drive, Docs, Slides and Sheets allowing ducators and learners to co-create and edit in real time; Gmail, Meets and Chat for communication; and Google Calendar. 

”G Suite and online learning is such a different experience from the traditional classroom environment. It breaks the boundaries of a classroom and allows learners to express themselves freely,” says Flavia Owambo, Middle School Principal. 

It improves learning and engagement, and helps learners do their best work with simple tools that support learning. Educators easily create and organize coursework and assignments, assess learners’ progress and give feedback on their work. ”What is interesting is that my son is much more enthusiastic during online lessons than ever before! He loves Meet sessions,” notes a parent. 

Google Meet connects learners and educators to teach and learn from anywhere. Educators say that G Suite for Education has helped them enhance their skills in the different tools and they appreciate that Google Meet sessions can accommodate more learners and they easily manage the classrooms. “I find G Suite very efficient and easy to use,” says Enock Rutaganda, a Grade 12 learner. The Xanax – or alprazolam is all over the place. At the doctor-on the street-What do you need to know about it? He goes over how it works, doses, comparison, withdrawal, basically all the stuff you would be stupid not to learn, the xanax is a amazing drug! the drug is helped me ALOT, it did wonders for me for what i needed, but when i decided to quit taking these! Check out Sites honest opinions about Xanax – alprazolam in

Approximately 80 million educators and learners around the world use G Suite for Education and 40 million rely on Google Classroom to stay organized and support creative teaching techniques. 

“I’m writing this letter in appreciation of you and all the Teachers who are working hard to make online teaching go smoothly. Today seeing Mr.Hannington teach his geography lesson for 10C made me appreciate the effort he had put in, to reach out to the learners. He taught them on a white board and I think that’s coming as close as possible to a true classroom experience. And my son Shayan Prabhu  enjoyed his class immensely. It’s my heartfelt thanks to you and to all the teachers like him who work so hard to make things go right,” wrote a parent.