Virtual Nursery Parents Night

On Friday 28th August, 2020, the Nursery Principal, Ms. Carmel Faulkner held a virtual Parents Night with current and prospective nursery parents. At Green Hills Academy, we recognize parents are their child’s first, continuous and most important educator. We also understand that balancing home schooling, work and family commitments during the COVID closure is a huge challenge. Our nursery ‘at home learning’ aims to provide practical activities that help to engage young children in learning skills and developing characteristics that will support their life long learning journey. We encourage the use of materials that are easily found in the home or the natural environment. Daily virtual online meetings with their teachers and friends are a fun interactive way to learn, maintain relationships, develop language and feel connected to school. The use of contraceptives according to the above instructions during Accutane treatment should be recommended at even for women who do not usually use contraceptive methods due to infertility (with the exception of patients who have undergone a hysterectomy), amenorrhea, or who report that they do not lead a sexual life – To see about drug

For more information about the Parents Night virtual meeting, please visit the following link