Green Hills Academy

First Lady Jeannette Kagame has urged Green Hills Academy 2020 graduates to take the lead in renovating and building a new world in the face of Covid-19 pandemic that has rattled global order.

Mrs. Kagame was giving remarks during a virtual graduation ceremony that took place on Monday, July 6th. She expressed her confidence that the school has prepared them well to independently navigate the world. “As young adults with open minds and big dreams, the responsibility to renovate and build the new world is in your hands,” she said. She added; “I am more than confident that you have what it takes”.

She also commended the students’ effort to adjust to the new normal and unforeseen challenges that the pandemic has brought and the ceremony is a testimony that they succeeded. “Covid-19 pandemic presented unforeseen challenges and we commend your adjustment capability,” she said. The First Lady is a Founding Member of Green Hills Academy. Besides Rwandan students, Green Hills Academy accommodates international students from 56 countries.

The First Lady also noted that in addition to the global pandemic, the world is witnessing a harsh reality of racial injustices, which are being challenged through ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign.

She emphasized that “as young adults stepping into the future, it is a responsibility to ensure that justice is delivered to all”.

Mrs Kagame urged graduates to be actively engaged in their communities and use the challenges in these communities to shape their dreams by way of seeking solutions to these challenges. +: it is not necessary to starve, to eat healthy food, low-calorie. It is very convenient and easy to take three times a day by a capsule. Disadvantages: Phentermine does not forgive fatty food and instantly reacts to it. That is, you will not be able to relax, grumbling bloating and even frustration will remind you that you should eat right. Obesity is a disease and a third of the planet suffers. For example, I do not scare these side effects, it’s all a normal reaction in the treatment. After all, overweight is a huge health problem. I drink Phentermine and clearly try to follow all the recommendations – about here

She commended the role of parents, teachers and educators for their support to students.

“This year has shown that teachers and educators are some of the most precious assets any community can have. Your perseverance in times such as this has shown that even in face of major challenges you have fulfilled your mission towards excellence,” she said.

Jeannette Kagame reminded the graduands that Covid-19 pandemic is still real and against humanity and that they should continue respecting precautionary measures in place such as washing hands fluently, wearing face masks and keeping physical distance.

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